Process Painting

An opportunity for inner strength building and creative fun!

What is Process Painting?

Process Painting is a form of meditation through painting…it is a way to access the unconscious, in a non-threatening, often playful and yet dynamic way. It is a heart opening, calming and healing experience, that essentially embraces the actual process of art making, rather than the product. It’s amazing!

What are the Benefits?

The benefits are many! Some of the most talked about are…

What do I need to be able to join an online class?

You need to be able to have a private space to paint in…perhaps a wall, or easel where you can secure a large piece of sketch paper (18” x 24” is good, but smaller pieces of sketch paper can be tapped together from behind to make an appropriate size that feels right for you). You will need some paints and brushes (water-based tempura paint or acrylic paint is good to use), but if you decide to start with oil pastels or coloured pencils/markers, that is great too. Although the best is to use paint and brush, all materials will offer you an experience of Process Painting in the end. The other thing you need is to have your computer set up so that we can see your paper and as a Process Painting facilitator, Paddy can observe your process throughout the class, to support you as needed.

The class will be a small group online (Zoom) format and there will be a short introduction at the beginning, where Paddy will explain the process and the principles of Process Painting to those that are new.

Please watch the video for more information and inspiration…

My experience with Process Painting

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Online Process Painting Classes

Wednesday Evenings

$ 47 Per Class
  • July 13
  • July 27
  • August 10
  • August 24

Saturday Afternoons

$ 47 Per Class
  • July 9
  • July 23
  • August 6
  • August 20

Classes are 2 hours in length on Zoom, facilitated by Paddy. Cost is $47.00/class
Interested? Simply hit the Register button and leave me a note. I will get back to you for easy registration via e-transfer.