Process Painting

An opportunity for inner strength building and creative fun!

What is Process Painting?

Process Painting is a form of meditation through painting…it is a way to access the unconscious, in a non-threatening, often playful and yet dynamic way. It is a heart opening, calming and healing experience, that essentially embraces the actual process of art making, rather than the product. It’s amazing!

What are the Benefits?

What do I need to be able to join an online class?

  • Paper to paint on that will be thick enough to absorb the paint or medium that you are using -paper from a drawing pad works well.  
  • Water based paints (tempura) and brushes are recommended, but acrylic paints with brushes, oil pastels, or coloured pencils, markers, or crayons are acceptable too. 
  • Set up a comfortable surface to paint on (you can set up on a table, or on the wall, or on an easel, whatever is easiest).
  • Organize your phone, tablet, or laptop so that your painting process is visible during the class on Zoom.
  • You are all set!

*Supply resources are available upon request and with registration.

My experience with Process Painting

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Online Process Painting Classes

Wednesday Evenings

$ 30 Per Class
  • November 8
  • November 15
  • November 22
  • November 29

Saturday Afternoons

$ 30 Per Class
  • November 11
  • November 18
  • November 25
  • December 2

Classes are 2 hours in length on Zoom, facilitated by Paddy. Cost is $30.00/class
Interested? Simply hit the Register button and leave me a note. I will get back to you for easy registration via e-transfer or PayPal.